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A Warm Welcome to Aspire Monthly!

Editor’s Welcome

Welcome! This is Aspire Monthly’s first issue with fresh ideas and talented writers. Follow us on an extraordinary journey of discovery and original thought, which will perhaps help shape your mind on issues you never thought about before. From factual articles to satire, short stories and strong opinion pieces to recipes, there is something for everyone; and with our monthly issues, there will always be something for you to look forward to. Dedicated. Smart. Fearless. Strong. Passionate. Eager to change the world. These are just a few words that describe some of the BCHS students you will meet in the pages of this issue and beyond.

Now, for a proper introduction: I am Mariyam Kalokhe, one of the editors of Aspire Monthly. My goal for the magazine is for the team to share their thoughts and opinions with you to not only make you really think about the world around you, but also to widen your perspective and make the impossible seem possible. There are a variety of personalities within our team, each of whom add a unique spice to the mixing pot. The complex thoughts and ideas we have are so different, fascinating and unique. I am confident that this publication will give you a little taste of the giant world we live in and of life within our school. I hope you enjoy reading this wonderful content as much as I do. (Since you’re here, be sure to also follow us on Twitter and Spotify, just to make sure you’ve covered all bases!)

Watch this space! After all, we are just getting started!

Editor, Mariyam Kalokhe

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