To all the wonderful students and staff at BCHS,

We are overwhelmed with gratitude at the warmth and support you have shown us during our time here. 

After February half term, we arrived fresh from our first placement schools with lots to learn and develop on our journey to become qualified teachers. Each one of you has taught us so much about working and thriving within a busy school community (with plenty of characters!) Each day has presented new challenges for us to overcome and new lessons we can reflect on, but every time we have left this building, we have felt thankful at the experience we have had and the relationships we have developed with both staff and students.

We must give a massive, extra special shoutout to the whole English department, who have guided us and have exemplified what we aspire to be. Mr Buckley would like to thank Mr Chothia for his wisdom, kindness, and enthusiasm. It has been a pleasure to witness and learn from a teacher of his calibre. Miss Callaghan would like to thank Mrs Shuttleworth for her unwavering support and spiritual guidance. The extensive grounding techniques will be carried forwards with her as she embarks on her new career. Furthermore, we would both like to thank Mrs O’Neill, Mr Tyrie, Ms Hussain, Miss Whitlock, and Ms Mason for all their advice, helpfulness, and support. If you are a student reading this, we hope you appreciate what a devoted team of English teachers you have. They are all passionate about their subject, have reams of knowledge, and are thoroughly dedicated to doing all they can to support you, guide you and make your dreams a reality. Next time you see them, thank them!

We are sure that anybody reading this will join us in congratulating Miss Hussain and Miss Loonat on their appointments to be the new English teachers within the school. They are both truly wonderful and we wish them all the best in their new careers. 

Beyond the English department we have loved getting involved with the wider school community, and we would love to extend a special thanks to Mrs Ibrahim for guiding us and trusting us with her wonderful form: 8F. Also, we extend our thanks to Mr Leathert and Mr Hayes for their professional support and direction. 

We have felt extremely lucky to be a part of such a positive working environment and our journey towards completing our teacher training would not have been the same without you.

Good luck to you all and thank you once again. 

Mr Buckley and Miss Callaghan