“We trust them; marching to the polling stations, voting with our hearts.”

Marrium Zaidi

by Marrium Zaidi

For decades, our country has been run as a celebrated democracy. We vote for people who we believe will secure our interests and tackle the matters that affect us most, rising to monumental challenges on behalf of us and our most vulnerable. We trust them; marching to the polling stations, voting with our hearts. The Conservative Party has been in power for well over a decade now and this may continue to be the case until 2025, in the absence of a snap election. However, the question forming in more and more mouths around the country seems to be: Does our current government support what we want or what they want?

Research indicates that within our country, 78% grew up in working class families, 49% of our population is working class and only one percent are upper class, despite a greater emerging middle class population. One would assume that this would lead a government to focus more on the needs of the majority rather than the minority but is that the case for the Tories? Instead, they’ve decided to make the rich richer and the poor poorer. With housing costs being 65 times higher now and energy bills being at an all time high, the average wage is barely enough to scrape the barrel. Families have been forced into poverty, having to resort to foodbanks, and being unable to heat their homes with one of our coldest forecasted winters on the horizon. What have the Tories done about this? It seems the answer is rather simple: Nothing. Nothing, except giving false promises to the public time and time again. 

The truth is that most of the Conservative Party representing us in London will never understand how it feels like to be in the shoes of working class people, giving their time and effort only to receive money that will barely keep them going. More than 80% of them grew up in upper class families and attended private schools. Yet, Liz Truss, our new Prime Minister (who was elected through another whole bunch of Tories, not the public) talked about British workers, saying they needed “more graft”. Are these the words of the people who care about the majority’s wellbeing?

Let’s also not get started on the line of scandals attached to the Party itself. From garden parties to shameless nepotism to tax avoidance to the government policy to send asylum seekers to Rwanda, a policy that is as absurd as it is inhumane, not to mention in contravention of the Human Rights Bill 2022. Further still, the fact that the Tories made attempts to amend the bill to dovetail their despicable policies tells us everything we need to know about where their interests lie. Now, with the pound crashing to an all time low, are these people really fit to lead our country?

I think not.