The problem with you is that
you're too nice, sir.
You say you didn't hear
what was definitely a slur, sir.
Look, she knows, you can see it
from the smirk, sir.
Nuff's enough, toughen up
and yellow card her.
We get it, you're a smiler,
but I'm a little bit perturbed, sir.
A smile won't suffice
to be heard by this herd, sir.
Take a step back
to detach and deter, sir.
Foot down, voice raised.
I'll do it if you prefer, sir.
As it stands, they're taking you
for a ride like a chauffeur.
Sure, for them, it's a show,
but I've got nothing to show for
my efforts. All your lessons are a blur, sir.
Cool it down with some ice.
Give it a proper stir, sir.
Cut the nice; add a little bit of spice per
the school's policy; 1, 2, 3, kick 'em out, sir.
Forsake this current recipe for disaster.
How much longer do I take this, sir?
Cus I can't stand these clowns,
in particular, this joker.
With the greatest respect, I ask:
Is my future a joke, sir? 
A comedy of misfits, all they do
is sit around and talk, sir.
I don't care if she has a time out pass;
she's sworn twice, sir.
Your nonchalance is more dividing than a comma splice, sir.

Sir. Sir. It's been a little while, sir.
I left school and found my feet and style, sir.
Only today did I bump into the joker.
No joke, you would hardly recognise the jester.
We talked about school, about you.
He insisted on calling you "Sir".
Couldn't believe how the petulance was rife, sir.
reminiscing, laughing back on all the strife, sir.

The lessons still linger. 
The messages still matter.
All the while you taught us life, sir.

by I. Chothia